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SmartMatching compares the individuals in your file against all of the individuals in our Global Tree. We run a detailed search on every individual in your file, and see where your individuals match up with other individuals in other people's files. SmartMatching enables you to immediately see where other users have information that you are missing, and vice versa. This technology is only available at GenCircles and is amazingly fast and accurate. For a file with 250 individuals, it would take someone days to run all these searches. Imagine how long it would take for a 50,000 individual file. Our SmartMatching system does it all for you, automatically, in a matter of seconds.
To see how SmartMatching works, there is a great example for President George Washington, click here. To have SmartMatching work on your file, you will need to upload your genealogy file to our Global Tree.
If you have already uploaded your file, you can:

       View the SmartMatches for your file