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  • GenCircles will never claim to own your data.
    When you upload your data to our web site, we do not gain the rights to re-publish your data on CD or sell it to a third-party. We respect that your data is YOUR data, not ours, or anyone else's.
  • GenCircles will never send you junk mail or sell your email address.
    By giving your email address to GenCircles, you aren't opening yourself up for a mailbox full of junk. In fact, we are one of the few web sites that go above and beyond to protect you from junk mail. On other web sites, even if that site doesn't spam you directly, your address may be picked up by a computer that crawls the web looking for email addresses. We only present email addresses on our web site in a graphical form. This makes it impossible for these automated computers to steal your address.
  • GenCircles will always respect your privacy.
    At GenCircles, your privacy comes first! We will also work to protect the privacy of the living individuals in your genealogy. Read more about our policies concerning privacy here.
  • GenCircles will always give you control.
    If you don't want your data at GenCircles anymore, it's only one click to delete it. GenCircles will always offer an easy and convenient way for you to control your data.
  • GenCircles will work to provide you the best service.
    Every single day of the week, we are working to make GenCircles a better place. With suggestions from users and our determination, GenCircles can become the future in genealogy.